The RealValue Team

Thanks to these collaborators, the RealValue project turned from an unclear vision to a full-fledged reality.

In addition, we would like to thank the UTMIST organisation for providing invaluable advice throughout the project timeline and for providing a platform and resources to make this vision possible.

Arsh is a 3rd year U of T EngSci student in the Machine Intelligence option. In his part-time, he works as a financial advisor and a realtor, where he found the motivation for the RealValue project. Arsh is the project lead for RealValue and provided direction for model training, dataset collection and final presentation. Outside of work, you will find him learning software development skills and watching Toronto Raptors basketball as an avid fan.
Sean is a 3rd year U of T EngSci ECE student interested in cameras, photography, and real-world applications of computer vision. For RealValue, he worked on the combined network architecture and training pipeline. Outside of school and RealValue, he has been working on a mobile running app called FluidStride that uses computer vision to help people run faster and prevent injuries with intelligent running gait analysis.
Matthew is a 3rd year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto, specializing in Engineering Physics. He is interested in physics/astronomy research and the applications of artificial intelligence. For the RealValue project, he worked on data processing and augmentation, and parts of the model. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys doing photography and stop motion animation.
Alex is a 3rd year U of T Engineering Science Robotics Major student interested in using AI-based solutions to guide and improve automated platforms. For RealValue, Alex helped establish the ML model structures and model selection & comparison pipeline for the training and testing process. He is an avid soccer fan and loves to watch and play the game with his friends.
Sepehr is currently a third year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto (St George Campus) in the Machine Intelligence major. Sepehr has a strong passion for working on innovative projects and is happy to learn new things, particularly using machine learning and software engineering/development for helpful applications such as medicine and technology.
Charles is a 3rd year Student at U of T & a DS intern at Scotia bank this upcoming summer. Notable contributions to real-value include data cleaning and model tuning. On a more personal note, Charles loves to travel, meet new people and have new experiences. You can find him at Goldring/Dance cave post-pandemic or reach out anytime on LinkedIn for a friendly coffee chat.